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15 of September 2006 y. Lаdy Adina z Kovarny and Lexus s Krasnoy Gorki have given birth 6 puppies: 3 males and 3 females.
 1 month puppies
Puppies are 3 weeks
Puppies are 10 days
Puppies are 5 days

News of photogallery:
  • tervueren's puppies Ze Zharik & Sezar (from Lexus s Krasnoy Gorki and Zhara Shalunia) and groenendael Shiki Shaizer (from Flyer-Tara v. Lana's Hof and Zolda s Krasnoy Gorki);
  • spitz puppies in 7 weeks (from Dorsdorf Elf White and Kaldina s Krasnoy Gorki);
  • groenendael Fay in 6 months, she is for sale, she is very beautiful pedigree's female with beautiful character, cheerful, temperamental, teeth exchanged - the complete, bite - scissors (from Koral Black z Kovarny and Zarah du Pre du Vieux Pont). Will good for IPO or agility.
  • groenendael Koral in 6 years and tervueren Esther in 9,5 years

  • 23 of July was born spitz puppies: 1 male + 2 females.
    Father - Dorsdorf Elf White (Spitz Solti Parisz x Spitzerfalvi Sutyi)
    Mother - Kaldina s Krasnoy Gorki (Ochey Ocharovanie Vostorg x Aisknekht Tsusima)

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    Увеличить 21.06.2006 were born tervuerens puppies: 4 males + 5 females.
    father - Lexus s Krasnoy Gogki
    mother - Jara Shalunia s Krasnoy Gorki
     1 month puppies
     1,5 month puppies
     2 month puppies

    21.06.2006 were born groenendaels puppies: 3 males + 2 females.
    father - Flyer-Tara v. Lana's Hof
    (Rocky-Wendy v. Lana's Hof x Tara-Macy Lana's Hof)
    mother - Zolda s Krasnoy Gorki
    (Koral Black z Kovarny x Zarah du Pre du Vieux Pont)

    1 month puppies

    4th of June 2006 our Simona has 10 years.

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    3rd of June 2006 in Belarus in city Grodno. Was IV Open Championship by Russian Ring.
    Zuidelijuk van de Duvetorre
    Illan s Krasnoy Gorki
    They are Champions of Belarus by Russian ring.
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    VII National show of Belgians sheepdogs " Day of belgians sheepdog - 2006 "

    9th of May 2006 was show.
    Malinois - Daya z Vandalky
    Tervueren - Zhar Ptitsa s Krasnoy Gorki
    Tervueren - Zhaklin Lady s Krasnoy Gorki
    JRT - Nice Blocker Nhunder
    JRT - Liable Lacey of Jack's Paradise
    are Champions of Bulgaria.

    7th of May was 9 Champion of Russia by Russian Ring. Увеличить
    Illan s Krasnoy Gorki
    3 place and "prize of spectator sympathies"

    5th of May were born tervueren puppies - 2 females and 5 males.
    Father - Lexus s Krasnoy Gorki
    Mother - Cindy du Domaine de Chodes.
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    22nd of April 2006 was .
    "Championship by Big Ring" competitions

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    Team "Team Spirit":
    Tervueren - Andra Vlcinec
    malinois - Zuidelijuk van de Duvetorre
    malinois - Illan s Krasnoy Gorki

    have 3 place
    Zuidelijuk van de Duvetorre has title "Thunder-storm of figurants".